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Note: All these e-books are in PDF format which means you will need Adobe Reader to view these.

Asma ul Husna (names of Allah swt

An e-book by Harun Yahya which explains the names of Allah using the Quran as a reference.

Basics concepts in the Quran
Yet another Harun Hayha book, the jist of this book is to helps us understand the concepts taught within the Quran such as Wisdom, Loyalty, Obedience, Righteous Deeds, Gratefulness, Righteousness, Brotherhood, Modesty, Putting Trust in Allah, Repentance, Prayer…

Miracles of the Quran
From the day of its revelation to the Day of Judgement, this last divine book will remain as the sole guide for humanity. The book of Allah states, “But it is nothing less than a Reminder to all the worlds.” (Qur’an, 68:52) by Harun Yahya.

The moral values of the Quran

From the Harun Yahya collection this book teaches us what the Quran has to say on the subject of moral values?

The Muslim way of speaking

Who speaks anything better than the one who summons to Allah, acts righteously, and says, "I am among those who submit to Allah" (Surah Fussilat: 33) by Harun Yahya.

Quran Leads the Way to Science
Did you know that the Quran told us the stages of development of a child whilst in the womb which todays science goes to prove. SubhanAllah (by Harun Yahya)

Islam on Prevention of Heart Diseases

This book by Prof. Tahir ul Qadri helps identify why a Islamic lifestyle and diet can benefit ones the heart.