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The most important acknowledge is to our Lord Most Merciful Most Wise by whose mercy we were able to begin this project, His Mercy is such that unworthy slaves like ourselves are given the ability to work in His cause through which we remember Him Swt and be grateful towards all He has given us. Allah states in the Quran 'Then remember Me; I will remember you. Be grateful to Me, and do not reject Me' (al-Baqarah 2: 152) May Allah accept our humble project as a effort to remember and thank Him Swt. Ameen

May Allah's peace and blessing be upon our Beloved Prophet Muhammad who was a mercy unto us from Allah Swt, who character and nobility none has seen before or after Him (Pbuh). May Allah Swt give us all the ability to learn the Seerah, the Shamail and instill within out hearts the love for His Prophet such that our desire is to apply the Sunnah in every given instance.

Lastly a list has been comprised of the fortunate people whom Allah Swt has given us to help with this project. The contributions vary but the appreciation is still large thus we leave it in the hands of Allah swt to repay the debt to these beautiful people inshAllah who He Swt shall reward in the Hereafter. May Allah make all our intentions sincere for His pleasure alone Ameen.

  • Sohail Abdul Habib (Noor e Madinah Network), Kuwait
  • Abdullah a.k.a Sameer (Light upon Light), Canada
  • Rana Sozer and the other Brothers and Sisters at Harun Yahya
  • Muhammad Khurram Iftikhar Khan (Light of Golra Shareef), America
  • Pir Syed Ghulam Qutb-ul-Haq Gilani (grand-grandson of Hazrat Syedna Pir Meher Ali Shah {R.A})
  • Islamic Affairs Central Network (IACN)
  • Tahir Riaz (Yanabi)
  • S.Khan, UK
  • Arshad Mahmood, Oldham UK
  • Dawat e Islami, Pakistan
  • Sister Asma Chaudry, UK
  • The kind sister at Islamic Kids
  • Sister Nafisa, UK
  • Sister Sabiha Pathan, America
  • Ishaque Hassan Zeria (Sirat Ul Muslimin), Manchester UK
  • Arfan Shah (Sheikhy notes), UK
  • Muhammad Sajad Ali Qadiri (Durood UK), Slough UK
  • Ahmed, (Media Islam), Hong Kong
  • Nabeel (Sparkly Water), London UK
  • Mohammad Mushtaq (Muslim Youth), Bradford UK
  • Imam Farooq Nazami, UK
  • Abdullah, Saudi Arabia
Discussion Board
  • Adam Mallinson, UK
  • Sister Aminah, India
  • Sister Amina, USA
  • Sister Khadija Bradley, UK
  • Akhlak ur Rehman, UK
  • Sister Tanzila Miah, USA
  • Amer Hafiz, UK
  • Umm Abdur Rahmaan, UK
  • Umm Taqwah, UK
  • Sister Catie, California America
  • Sister Sobia Siddique, UK
  • Sister Amina, Canada
  • Abdul Khan (Muslim Youth), Bradford UK
Not forgetting all the people who remembered us in their prayers, May Allah give them a high status in Paradise and may he give them the best of this world and more, may he the The Ever-Forgiving (Al-Ghaffar) also forgive all their sins Ameen.

Please note that these acknowledgements have been listed randomly and not according to the help given by the individuals'. As it is said by some that every rain drop comes together to form the oceans, in relation to this in our eyes we are greatful to all who have helped us regardless of their contribution.